How does work? is a comparison website for relocation quotes. When you enter your data into our portal, it is forwarded directly to a maximum of five removal companies via email. These companies will then contact you in due course. Some may call you, others send a quote directly by email, still others call and make an appointment to inspect your dwelling. How these companies approach your particular quote is up to them and we do not dictate or influence this process. After sending your request, you will see a link where you can review the ratings of the companies to which your request has been forwarded. You will also receive the same link via e-mail. You can then decide with which company you want to place your order. Seven days after the date which you have entered as the moving date, you will again receive a link via email, through which you can submit your feedback (review).

How can I delete my request for a quote?

If you are logged in to our site, you can delete your personal data on our website. However, as your enquiry is forwarded directly to the removal companies, they will have no knowledge of the deletion and will proceed to contact you. You will need to inform them that you no longer require any quotes. Your enquiry will only be forwarded to a maximum of five companies, so this should be relatively quick and easy.

Please note: If you delete your account with the activated link, your account will be deleted and you will not be able to add a review.

Where can I see Company Reviews?

After submitting your request, a link will appear where you can then see the reviews that other customers have left for the companies to which your enquiry was sent. You will also receive a confirmation email in which you will again find a link to the company reviews.

Why do I receive quotes from companies which are not in my region (local)?

The companies themselves decide in which regions to offer their services. The companies are selected by a random generator, where regional (local) companies are given preference. However, should there not be enough local partner companies, your data will be sent to the companies that offer your service in your location.

How can I submit a review?

Seven days after the date you gave as your moving date, a link will be sent to you via e-mail to enable you to review your chosen company. This consists of a star rating, as well as a written supplement, where you can give the company feedback. It will be seen by all new customers. The companies also have the opportunity to comment and/or challenge your review.

Why did you not get the link to submit a review?

The link to submit a review is sent seven days after your moving date. You will receive the link via the email address you gave upon registration. (Please also check your email Spam folder) If you have deleted your account via a requested ‘delete account link’, you will not be able to submit a review.

I would like to evaluate my company, but it is not on the list?

We forward your data to a maximum of five companies. You should have received a quote from each of these 5 companies. These same five companies are also listed on the review tab so you can submit your feedback. If you have received a quote from another company you cannot submit a review of that company on our portal.