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Moving cleaning prices
We have determined these average prices from thousands of arranged moving cleaning services
1 - 1.5 Room
Ø CHF 540.00
including VAT
100% acceptance guarantee
2 - 2.5 Room
Ø CHF 640.00
including VAT
100% acceptance guarantee
3 - 3.5 Room
Ø CHF 810.00
including VAT
100% acceptance guarantee
4 - 4.5 Room
Ø CHF 930.00
including VAT
100% acceptance guarantee
5 - 5.5 Room
Ø CHF 1'300.00
including VAT
100% acceptance guarantee
6 - 6.5 Room
Ø CHF 1'370.00
including VAT
100% acceptance guarantee
Price Calculator
Apartment cleaning can vary greatly from region to region.
There are also factors such as the number of bathrooms or terraces, which also influence the price. Please use our price calculator.
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