About top-offerten.ch

We are the independent comparison service for offers related to your move. I (Philipp) founded a moving and cleaning company in my early years as part of a social project. Even then, there was a similar provider from Germany that facilitated the mediation of moves. However, when up to 15 companies have to compete for a job, it goes against the needs of both the end customer and the partner companies. That's why top-offerten.ch, the Swiss counterpart, was created in 2007, and success followed. As of April 2024, we have mediated over 271,000 inquiries.

Our Company Philosophy

We care deeply about both our customers and partner companies. We aim to provide excellent service and indispensable value for all involved. We clearly distance ourselves from all unfair and binding practices, which are unfortunately not uncommon in brokerage portals. We are convinced that by providing added value with our service and making everyone involved happy, we will be successful with this strategy. The fact that we, as one of the first moving comparison portals, are gaining more and more market share speaks volumes.

What value do we offer you? As a customer, you receive quotes from companies in your region very easily and quickly. You can compare the companies based on the quotes and customer reviews. This saves you the effort of searching for companies yourself, contacting them individually, and additionally, you have customer reviews as a tool to better assess the moving companies. Through this system, we reward good and reliable partner companies. In a market where prices are at the bottom, service providers must be able to stand out from the competition. Through our company reviews, partner companies have this opportunity.

It is important for us to keep the administrative apparatus small and thus keep our costs low. This allows us to offer fair prices to partner companies. Many of our partners have remained loyal to us since the launch of top-offerten.ch, and we have been able to significantly contribute to the strong establishment of startups over the years. We manage with approximately 200 full-time equivalents, although apart from design, we develop everything internally, program, support customers, conduct marketing, and everything else that needs to be done.