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We have facilitated removals business in Switzerland since 2008!
As a user of our popular brokerage platform, you benefit from the experiences of thousands of customers.
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It takes 3 minutes to complete the form. Within a few hours, you receive your quotes.
The price comparison is worthwhile. Get the perfect deal to suite your needs.
You enjoy personal contact to the companies. If your job should not go according to plan, we will enter the fray and act as mediators.
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Our partner companies throughout Switzerland
Already over 700 moving companies and cleaning companies from all over Switzerland work with us. So we always have the best company for your needs.

Quotes from several moving companies within Switzerland

It is all very simple. Complete the form in our portal and your information will be sent directly to several moving companies in your area within Switzerland. These moving companies will send quotes directly to you and you can then decide which company suits you best.

More than 14452 customers reviews

The movings industry is experiencing huge price pressure, as customers expect quality but at the cheapest price possible. Quality costs money and so price should not be the only parameter to consider in your quest to find the best company to undertake your move. At this stage we offer reviews that previous customers have left following their experiences with various moving companies. On completion of your information you will get an opportunity to see how satisfied previous customers have been with various moving companies.

Thousands of satisfied customers

Moving can be very stressful. With our portal we would like to lighten the load for you by simplifying the process of searching and comparing moving companies within Switzerland. Thousands of satisfied customers have found your chosen moving company through our portal. Comments and reviews on moving companies are published in real time on the home page and are not censored or edited. Also reviews of our portal are also unedited and thus totally authentic.

Save costs by comparing moving companies

You can save money by comparing offers from different moving companies within Switzerland. So by completing the form with all your relevant information, it will then be possible to receive various offers from different moving companies and so make the task of comparing offers easier. This allows you to choose the best company for your requirements.

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